Challoner commentary

Leviticus 15 : 2

Issue of seed shall be unclean

These legal uncleannesses were instituted in order to give the people a horror of carnal impurities.

Leviticus 16 : 2

Enter not

No one but the high priest, and he but once a year, could enter into the sanctuary; to signify that no one could enter into the sanctuary of heaven, till Christ our high priest opened it by his passion. Heb. 10. 8.

Leviticus 17 : 3

If he kill

That is, in order to sacrifice. The law of God forbids sacrifices to be offered in any other place but at the tabernacle or temple of the Lord; to signify that no sacrifice would be acceptable to God, out of his true temple, the one holy, catholic, apostolic church.

Leviticus 17 : 10

Eat blood

To eat blood was forbidden in the law; partly, because God reserved it to himself, to be offered in sacrifices on the altar, as to the Lord of life and death; and as a figure of the blood of Christ; and partly, to give men a horror of shedding blood. Gen. 9. 4, 5, 6.

Leviticus 18 : 23

Because it is a heinous crime

In Hebrew, this word heinous crime is expressed by the word confusion, signifying the shamefulness and baseness of this abominable sin.

Leviticus 19 : 19

Different seeds

This law tends to recommend simplicity and plain dealing in all things, and to teach the people not to join any false worship or heresy with the worship of the true God.

Leviticus 19 : 23


Proeputia, literally, their foreskins; it alludes to circumcision, and signifies that for the first three years the trees were to be as uncircumcised, and their fruit uncleantill in the fourth year their increase was sanctified and given to the Lord, that is, to the priests.

Leviticus 20 : 15

The beast also ye shall kill

The killing of the beast was for the greater horror of the crime, and to prevent the remembrance of such abomination.

Leviticus 21 : 1

An uncleanness

Viz., such as was contracted in laying out the dead body, or touching it; or in going into the house, or assisting at the funeral, etc.

Leviticus 22 : 3


This is to give us to understand, with what purity of soul we are to approach to the blessed sacrament of which these meats that had been offered in sacrifice were a figure.

Leviticus 25 : 10


That is, a general release and discharge from debts and bondage, and a reinstating of every man in his former possessions.

Numbers 5 : 7

Shall confess

This confession and satisfaction, ordained in the Old Law, was a figure of the sacrament of penance.

Numbers 5 : 14

The spirit of jealousy

This ordinance was designed to clear the innocent, and to prevent jealous husbands from doing mischief to their wivesas likewise to give all a horror of adultery, by punishing it in so remarkable a manner.

Numbers 8 : 7

Let them be sprinkled with the water of purification

This was the holy water mixed with the ashes of the red cow, Num. 19., appointed for purifying all that were unclean. It was a figure of the blood of Christ, applied to our souls by his holy sacraments.

Numbers 9 : 2

Make the phase

That is, keep the paschal solemnity, and eat the paschal lamb.

Numbers 9 : 6

Behold some who were unclean by occasion of the soul of a man

That is, by having touched or come near a dead body, out of which the soul was departed.

Numbers 11 : 3

The burning

Hebrew, Taberah.

Numbers 11 : 4

A mixt multitude

These were people that came with them out of Egypt, who were not of the race of Israel; who, by their murmuring, drew also the children of Israel to murmurthis should teach us the danger of associating ourselves with the children of Egypt, that is, with the lovers and admirers of this wicked world.

Numbers 11 : 7


Bdellium, according to Pliny, 1. 21, c. 9. was of the colour of a man's nail, white and bright.

Numbers 11 : 16

Seventy men

This was the first institution of the council or senate, called the Sanhedrin, consisting of seventy or seventy-two senators or counsellors.